Jack's Dedication

Sunday, October 8.
Jack’s Dedication and Welcome Party.
I screwed it up.
I knew that I wanted it to happen. I knew for 2 years I was going to be in NH in October 2006, and I knew since we adopted Jack that we wanted to have this party. But I put off planning until maybe 2 weeks before we left, and put off the inviting, and…
Very few people came. I know it was the short notice that caused the problems. The people we did have I was so excited to see and catch up with (including Jamie). I just really wanted to see well, everyone. And have them meet Jack. Now there are lots of people I won’t see, because I have email addresses but not phone numbers, and even if I did have all the phone numbers, there just isn’t the time to see them all. I hate that I have become a flake, even flakier than when my knee was at its worst.

OK. Enough self-pity.
Sunday morning, we had brunch at the Spalding Inn with the rest of the wedding crowd. We left at 11, just as I wanted to. On the way back, we stopped at Michael’s to get the symbolic offering of ours for Jack. (Later.) The Michaels in Manchester is full of sullen employees and the bathroom is a disaster. From there, onto Joanne & Marc’s.
Jack was very happy to see us, which made me happy. I was kind of worrying that he wouldn’t notice we were gone, and woudn’t think anything about us being back. We got dressed and helped Joanne get ready for the party. I was still getting ready when the first 3 people arrived. Actually, I was getting Jack ready, and calling from the upstairs for help. Unfortunately, no one heard me. Jamie and Deb and her husband Paul were there when we came downstairs. Later on, our flower girls and their parents arrived, as did Joanne’s brothers with their families. (Greg is marrying Sheri on Saturday, the reason we knew for 2 years we would be here.) We did the brief dedication ceremony around 4pm. Joanne worked very hard on it. Max and I did do our part, and I really like how it turned out. We gave Jack gifts as symbols of his birthmother, us, God, and the community. They were: a savings bond, a pillow kit that we can make together later, a plant that Joanne & Marc will keep and care for, and A Child’s Book of Virtues.
Jack was pretty non-plussed by the ceremony, and was a little irked to be held for so long.
After the ceremony, Jack spent most of his time playing with the flower girls and Joanne’s nephew Michael. Michael brought one of his toys for Jack: Nesting blocks with the alphabet, numbers, and nursery rhymes on them. Jack loves them! Michael and Katie (flower girl the younger) built towers while Jack knocked them down.
Jennifer (flower girl the older) impressed Joanne’s brother and Marc with her knowledge of D&D. Jennifer is brilliant!
I continued dripping chocolate from the chocolate fountain on my lavendar shirt, so I changed partway through. The chocolate fountain was a BIG hit with the kids.
I had a good time, and so did Jack, but I just can’t get beyond the fact that I let this slip.


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