Now in New Hampshire

It’s 11:27pm, so I’ll be brief.
We are now in New Hampshire. Our cell phones cannot connect to the network from where we’re staying — we’re in Bedford at Marc & Joanne’s. We went to Ben & Shawna’s wedding (beautiful and fun!) and had Jack’s Dedication Ceremony (woefully last minute, thanks to me). I have been to Babies R Us with Joanne and we resisted the urge to buy cute clothes. In an annoying turn of events, the car seat we (OK, I — I’m the one who does the research) is out of stock, and I didn’t like any of the lightweight strollers there. I just spent about 2 hours researching car seats and strollers. I have come to the conclusion that we will get an Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible car seat, and possibly an Acella Alumilite stroller.
Tomorrow, we go to Mother and Child.
I haven’t seen Melissa or Traci yet, and I desperately want to. I did call them, and will do so again tomorrow.
Adjusting to the time difference has been difficult for all of us, but especially for Jack.
I went to our old house today, and it’s on sale for $264,900. We initially bought it for $185,000 and sold it for just under $220,000.
More in depth coverage of the first days of our trip will come soon…


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