Seven Months

On August 17, Jack turned 7 months old. Apparently, he was very photogenic between July 18 and August 17, as we have 38 photos of him on our web site right now. On August 25, we go to Kansas City, MO to finalize his adoption. From there, we go on to Pittsburgh, PA to visit Max’s family and some friends. We are so excited to see everyone and to have them meet Jack.

Important note: Jack has 2 teeth! Sharp teeth. And he’s really good at getting a grip on your fingers and then pulling them directly into his mouth so that he can have something to teethe on. Teether toys? P-shaw! He wants human flesh.

He also doesn’t like “solid” food so much. Thus far, he likes orange foods: Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash, and Carrots. We’re not concerned, as he is growing bigger everyday. He’s about 18 pounds now, so just growing out of his 6 month clothes.

Fortunately, he’s been doing better about napping. Until about 2 days ago, he was taking 2 – 3 naps per day, of 1 – 3 hours each. Two days ago, he apparently decided that he needs to be with us, so today he napped with my t-shirt. I guess he’s learning “object permanence.”

Jack is Seven Months Old!


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