Little Person

Jack is such the little person. He can pull the covers up, and grab and hold what he wants. There are definitely thoughts and choices being made in his mind.

We’re starting to get him on a sleeping schedule so he doesn’t turn into Devil Baby (or Jack-Jack Attack for Incredibles fans). He is currently sleeping soundly in his swing. For the past week, he has been reaching for anything that interests him, and watches intently when we spin or shake toys. Everything he can hold goes in his mouth now. He is trying to sit up, but he doesn’t have the balance yet. If I hold his hands steady, he can sit up without back support, but not for very long. Tummy time is frustrating, and tends to end with him rolling over onto his back. Sometimes, he’s just trying to roll over, and I have to pick him up when he shrieks. The neat part: He slithers. He can move his body using his legs and torso, as though he were swimming on land.

Jack is still a big fan of music. In the last couple weeks, we have found that he likes “Rockin’ Robin” “Old MacDonald”, “Three Blind Mice”, and anything with bop, boop, bip, do-wop, buh, dip, and/or do.

His birthmom called this past weekend, and when I called back I got her mother. We talked for awhile, mostly about Jack, of course. She was pleased to hear that everyone comments on his cherub-like cheeks (a family trait) and that he was babbling and all-in-all a happy little guy.

And so we come to the end of This Week in Jack’s Life… join us next time when we discuss how poopy diapers can make you and your baby happy.


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