Best Baby Ever

My son just put himself to sleep. He is 9 weeks, 3 days old. We had our typical nighttime routine: changing clothes and diaper, moisturizing his dry skin (he hates that part), dimming the lights and having a bottle (he likes that, though he has some pretty bad reflux), reading a story (In Which Piglet Finds a Heffalump), singing, and, finally educational TV (Passport to Europe, with Samantha Brown).
Jack was extremely bubbly and talkative during and just after the story. Then, he began to settle down. He was groggy throughout the show, and I brought him upstairs. He was awake before I got to the stairs. Well, every night can’t be easy, so I prepared to rock him to sleep in the dark nursery.
He gushed all over his clothes.
Turned on the lights, put Jack on the diaper table. Changed his diaper (the diaper pail’s jammed), put on new clothes while he was in his crib watching the mobile. Jack was happy. He was smiling and trying to giggle and was simply effervescent. I was torn between continuing the routine and getting him to sleep, and just saying to-hell-with-it and bringing him back downstairs for some conversation.
I decided to try rocking for about 20 minutes. Immediately upon sitting down, Jack was angry, fussing, didn’t want the binky, starts to actually cry. I said, “Fine” and put him down in his crib. I was going to play the mobile for him again, to calm him down.
Upon hitting the crib mattress, he made the baby-bird/Iwannabinky face. I gave him the binky, held it there for a second til he got it. Then he turned his head, closed his eyes, and is currently asleep. No fussing for the last half hour.
Having that happen has given me a second-wind, because I just had to tell someone, and Max is asleep.
We truly have the best baby in the world. It’s true.


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