How It All Went, Part VII (Abridged)

Thursday, January 26: Evening.
I arrived back at the hotel room late, thanks to the copy issues at Office Depot. When I got there, S and her family were there to go out to dinner. I wanted to put the outfit S gave us on Jack, but it was in the wash. So, I went up to the laundry room, gathered all the laundry, came back down, sorted through everything, and found the clothing. S was happy that Jack was going to wear “her” outfit. She went to put him in the outfit, but he needed a diaper change. I went to get a clean diaper, and she asked, “Are you all out of the small ones?” I said, “These are the small ones.” “No,” she replied, “This is a one.”

Here is where I learned that N precedes 1, and that a lot of leaking diapers could have been avoided. (Note: When diapering a baby boy, point his penis down to avoid a lot of hassle.)

At about 7:30 we all headed out to the Ameristar casino, which had a great all-you-can-eat buffet. The food was decent. There was a chocolate fountain at which a chef dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and other desserts. (I’ve decided to start eating marshmallows again.) It was fun. In the way that dinner with relatives you don’t really know is fun.

Friday, January 27
Max and I were sure we weren’t going to make it home on Saturday. I remember kind of lazing around the room, holding and feeding and burping Jack. I was trying to clean up when he was in his bassinet. Max had taken the whole night shift and was sleeping in the bedroom. At noon, the phone rang. It was Megan at ANLC. “The California ICPC office is faxing the information to Missouri now. You’re going home.”
Home! I thanked Megan as profusely and professionally as I could, apologizing for laying into her on Thursday. I thanked her for going above what she was “supposed” to do, and told her I’d send her a picture of Jack. (Aside: I’m not sure I’ve done that. I either haven’t, or I’ve sent one twice.)

I went into the cave-like bedroom (have I mentioned that there was NO natural light in this place?) and told Max. He was as happy as a man who had been awake for 24 hours could be. I started getting things together to pack.

I called my mother, my grandmother, and my friend Annemarie, and our lawyer called us about an hour after Megan did. I politely thanked him and went back on the happy packing! When Max woke up, he was upset that I hadn’t called his mother and grandmother. The thought never occured to me. I don’t usually call his mother and/or grandmother without him around. So, I lost some points for that.

Later in the afternoon, Jack and I ventured out alone to meet S. S’s sister had wanted to come out with us, but I was late getting to their place because of insane, out of nowhere, midday traffic. She had to go somewhere within the hour, so she couldn’t come with us. I felt guilty for not being on time; I’m still sorry about that tardiness.

S and I went to a coffee shop that’s attached to a church. Bad biscotti, good coffee. S and I talked a lot.

I have no idea how the rest of the night went. I know we were busy packing. Max was packing and I was organizing the items to pack. That night is a big, happy blur.

At this point, we’re almost home.


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