Easter Thoughts

(originally published on LiveJournal)

I really wanted to “write” this evening, because I’ve been feeling prolific this week. Then I sit down at the computer, and I can’t even think of a good title. I figure “Easter Thoughts” is vague enough to cover all of the random, yet potentially interesting, subjects to be contained herein.

The first topic is: People are reading my journal! I’m quite happy about this. Of course, it makes me want to read more of other people’s journals, so I’m setting aside most of this week to do computer work. This will include making a newsletter for the HALO animal rescue group, answering a 6 month+ backlog of email (498 in my inbox, 1429 in my transracial adoption group, and countless more in FreeCycle and Politics), reading journals and other web sites, and making all of the piles on and around my desk disappear.

The last time I was at the computer, which I think was Thursday, I sent informational messages to several adoption agencies in the state of California. Adoption Horizons, Chrysalis House, Holy Family Services Adoption & Foster Care, and The Kinship Center are not licensed in or do not serve Contra Costa County. Our contact at The Adoption Network, Margarethe, apparently found the number of questions I asked staggering. I admit, 29 multi-part questions are a bit daunting. So, after she comes back from vacation, we’ll be talking to her via phone meeting. I recently read something that, if I knew, I had forgotten, and that is that people can adopt in other states than the one in which they live. That is, California allows people to go to, say, Texas, adopt a baby, and bring him/her back to California, with no appreciable extra work. So, with that in mind, I contacted a well-known agency in Texas, the Gladney Center. We’ll be receiving their printed domestic information soon. I have their electronic international adoption packet from when we thought we were going to Russia. I’ve seen them featured several times on Adoption Stories, a nice show on Discovery Health Channel. It’s pretty much the only show that presents adoption as it is.

A lot of agencies in our area are fost-adopt agencies. This means that the prospective adoptive parents become foster parents first, and are matched with children based on the system assumption that children should be reunited with their birth families. If that fails, the foster parents are then the first people to be given the opportunity to adopt the children. This is a high risk, and the books I’ve read take different views. One says that fost-adopt helps the neediest children, and is faster and cheaper than traditional adoption in any of its forms. The one I’m currently reading makes a good point: People should not become foster parents hoping to adopt. They should do so because they want to help children.

So, that’s the update on the adoption saga. Tune in next time to read about Jenn’s obssession (or lack thereof) with buttless chaps.

Current Mood: pensive


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